Best practice principles

Ten Rules for Successful School and College Marketing:

1) All advertising and marketing activity should provide demonstrable benefit to participating schools and colleges.

2) Schools and colleges should always have the option to opt out of any activities.

3) Activity should respect diversity of gender, race, disability and cultural issues and reflect contemporary UK society.

4) There should be no incentive to children to engage in unhealthy, unsafe or unlawful activities.

5) Any branding should be appropriate to the activity.

6) Where possible, permission should be sought from schools, or colleges before materials are forwarded to them.

7) Schools and colleges should be made aware of the purpose and objectives, either social or commercial, of any marketing activity.

8) Any expression of opinion should be clearly distinguished from statement of fact.

9) Where possible activity should be developed in partnership with teachers, pupils, parents, educationalists and youth workers.

10) Activity should be resonant with the aims of the institutions involved and should recognise the precious relationship between young people, family, school or college.